Mixing/Stem Mastering


Mixing can be quite an art when it comes to the ability to altar individual tracks and instruments. An art that can take many hours of trial an error to achieve a balanced mix...not to mention the tool box of plugins that can take things to another level!

If you are looking to have someone mix your recording, more times then not, you are like many others artists in todays world, able to record your own performance but unable to get the mix to how you want it to sound.

At Dialled in Audio we combine the mixing and mastering under one umbrella, making changes to your mix to obtain the best mix to take to the mastering stage. If your happy with the performance on your recording , your capture was clean of noise and clipping, and your looking to add FXs and other processing to the tracks in the mix, this is a get option that can also be cost an time effective.

Cost varies to the number of track for mixing, contact us for your projects to get a custom free quote!

Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering is typically used to reach industry standards for RMS{Root Mean Square}, which is the rating of the amount of power that can be applied for optimal loudness.

Traditional Stem Mastering was done for radio use. It would consist of a stereo mix down for reference, an instrumental track , a vocal track and sometimes an additional track with back up vocals. This was mainly done to assure the vocals would not be lost in the mix due to the heavy amount of compression that would be applied for broadcasting.

Today Stem Mastering is applied with more precision using sub-group renders, thus giving access to frequency ranges that are shared with multiple instruments. It gives the Mastering Engineer more flexibility and the ability to make changes to frequency responses before combining it back together for the final Mastering stage. Achieving a beautiful finished production with clarity and separation that stays true to your mix and will meet industry standards.