Take it to Tape!

1/4” Reel to Reel Services

There are many ways to blend the world of digital and analog sound. Not only can the warmth of a Reel to Reel tape be a great addition to mastering, it also can be a great tool for working within your mixes. Looking to add some warmth to a vocal track or other instruments? Or maybe that 70s slap-back tape delay?

Dialled In Audio is equipped with high quality AD/DA converters. The Otari MTR10 is a 1/4 in. 2 channel Mastering tape machine, with SRL EQs, and reproduction heads for recapturing with variable speeds.

1- 2 tracks

$30 per track

3+ tracks

$20 per track

Cassette Tape Transfers & Restorations

Gone are the days but many Memories and hours of home recordings, band jams or even finished recordings are trapped on a deteriorating tape somewhere in storage! Moisture damage is often the issue with old cassettes but there is also a fix! A delicate art that has saved many, one-of-a-kind recordings called baking tape.

At Dialled In Audio we have the ability to do our best to revive old tape cassettes and transfer them to a digital format . Additional mastering at a discount rate!


Cassettes in Good condition

45 - 60 mins $60

Additional Mastering available upon request.


For restorations please contact us for pricing & details.