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"I've worked with Ohan at Dialled In Audio for most of my recent releases, and am always very happy with his work. He is a great communicator, has great ears, is always happy to take care of any changes, and gets great results. I would recommend him for your mastering projects."

~ Lin Gardiner, Producer, Owner,

 Boomsmack Records

''Ohan is a master at Mastering. He has a deep knowledge of music creation and music styles which enables him to truly understand the music he works on. This level of craftsmanship separates him from the increasingly algorithm driven mastering that's more like fast food to his fine cuisine.

His technical skills are to a level that only years of experience and knowledge brings. Whether I've had stems to mix and master or whether its a master of a stereo mix, Ohan's professionalism, high quality and good nature shines through. Massively highly recommended!! "

~ Tim Sawyer, Manchester, UK

"Dialled in Audio' loves the music and it shows. The care and craftsmanship that goes into every master is second to none. The results are exactly what we always hope for in a master, a vibrant finished product without compromising the texture or dynamic of the song. Fantastic service and we will use them again and again."

~ Oliver,  Echo Children, NZ

''When I hired Ohan to master my 2018 album Broken Dams, which was recorded with legendary rock producer and engineer Garth Richardson on the board, I knew Ohan would know what to do with it. 

I put Garth through the ringer, and he delivered 21 recordings in only a day and a half so there was lots for Ohan to sift through. Ohan and I narrowed it down to the 14 tracks that made it to Broken Dams, he was very diligent about track noise. 

 I am very pleased with the end result, I got a dynamic, punchy folk album that rocks hard and soft. Ohan's attention to detail and his framing the sound in a uniquely retro way really impressed me and he has since done other mastering for me that I have been equally pleased with. I intend to continue sending Ohan future work to be mastered."

~Grant Olsen, Canada 

'' The mastering job done by Ohan Vandermeer on Dream Owl's latest CD was Stellar! With every challenge he rose to the occasion, with great gear, great ears, and great ideas. He committed to the plan and found great solutions, timely delivery and great communications"

~ Michael, Dream Owl, Canada

"As a person who has never been able to get my head around the intricate details of mastering music, nor having the time to learn said intricacies. Getting in contact with Ohan was a crucial part of my work flow as well as a savior to my mental well being.

I no longer needed to struggle to get my head around  the process or hunt down a person who could give me the quality I expected.

Ohan, has added an element to the projects I send him that not many people have been able to accomplish. And this is the reason I not only trumpet his name to the stars and back, but also have stayed a loyal customer."

- Rookie Allen, NZ

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Sound Vibes


Sound Vibes


Sound Vibes


Jo Megasonic

Alan Rinehart

Alone Against Rome

Butler in the Hey!

Lana Benson

Mr. Feeley & the Touch


Brian Rosen & the Whatnow

Mandy Ebel

The Rippin Rattlers

Trial and Terror

The Tortoise Forfeits