Dialled In Audio is excited to help you finish your creation to a high-quality master, detailed to balancing frequencies creating warmth, punch and shine to your recordings.

In this digital age we often crave more warmth than we are able to capture in a recording.  Dialled In Audio is geared towards analog mastering with the use of tube preamp's and compression. The NEVE 8816 summing mixer, complete with high-quality stereo AD/DA converters, based on a Burr Brown PCM1804 chip and its legendary Stereo Widening, will have your recording sounding the best it can be for physical print as well as digital platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud etc. 

Mastering is a different world from Mixing and Producing your own recordings. It is often the best choice to consider a Fresh set of ears at the Mastering stage of your project. Analog mastering allows for a more hands-on approach to the sound. With analog gear, mastering engineers are able to physically manipulate and shape the sound, if needed. This hands-on approach allows for a more intuitive and musical approach to mastering. This is in contrast to digital mastering where everything is done through digital software and plug-in's, which can sometimes result in a more dry and sterile sound.

Mastering is a great time to re-introduce the analog sound. Proper Mastering is an Art…  For most recordings, an AI algorithm driven mastering  will not bring out the best in your tracks because the Best Quality is always Handcrafted or rather, Ear-crafted!  

"Analog mastering has a certain warmth and depth that you can't get with digital mastering." - Greg Calbi

"Analog mastering allows for a more natural and dynamic sound." - Bob Ludwig

"There's something about the way analog gear saturates that gives it a certain magic." - Chris Athens

"Analog mastering gives you a certain amount of color and character that you can't get with digital." - Joe Lambert