Studio Productions

Sound Design & Foley

Often these worlds work together. Whether you’re creating an advertisement, audio drama, a movie or film, Sound Design & Foley can enhance your audio to a clean, crisp dialogue and atmospheric sounds that are realistic or blend seamlessly to your videos.

Sound design is often necessary when sound samples are less than desirable. Free MP3 downloads can be passable, but they are not the best option for high quality results. MP3s cannot be converted back to full spectrum quality.

Custom creating your sound samples is a great advantage to take your audio quality to the next level. Dialled In Audio has a 300 ft.² capturing room and an Isolation booth with additions coming this fall.

Foley is the reproduction of everyday sound effects used to create the atmosphere around you, the sound of a bird in the background, a bus going by, footsteps on a gravel driveway or the wind in the trees, it's the creation of sound to accompany film, videos and other in the post-production phase to enhance audio quality.

Each project is unique in its needs, sometimes audio can be salvaged in post production with "sweetening" & filtering, other times a full re-record is necessary. For this reason we encourage you to contact us for your projects custom needs.