Inside the Booth

Voice Overs

From demo reels to podcasts, audio dramas and advertisements, a quality studio sound is of the utmost importance when you want your productions to shine. Dialled In Audio has a variety of HI quality condenser microphones and will find which suits your voice best. With a large and small isolation rooms, we can create a clean crisp vocal sounds right for your project.

Offering 6 hour day rates at an affordable price, allowing your voice to be recorded, edited and mixed in the same session. Leaving with a finished product same day!

contact us for a quote on your next project.

Automated Dialogue Replacement ~ ADR

ADR is also known as Looping. The difference between ADR and Voice Overs is the replacement of dialogue or voice to video. For example when site recordings can not be salvaged from the production captures, they are then re-recorded in a studio setting.

Commonly, when ADR is needed Foley is also required to recreate the atmosphere and surroundings of the scene.

Each project is unique in its needs, For this reason we encourage you to contact us for your projects custom quote.